How it works

At KTR Midvale, we offer a variety of movement classes designed to help kids get a little better every day at a variety of movement activities.

Our classes are designed to improve skill progression, coordination, balance, strength, agility, power, and speed using our unique lead up based curriculum.

Our goal is to give kids the freedom to chose their class, learn as much or as little as they want, offering them true freedom to learn their way with no judgements and no limits.

This is the best way for kids to learn.


A class experience like no other

We offer curriculum-based progressive training designed by our best coaches at KTR.

Your kids will learn skills, learn fun challenges to help them with muscle memory, and our staff will break down the skills to help eliminate fear. 



Classes taught by experienced KTR Ride Staff.

We focus on progression, safety, and making sure the kids are having a great time learning.

Beginner Curriculum | 8-week program

Great place for kids to begin. We will work on all the basics and get them confident in no time.

Intermediate Curriculum | 16-week program

Ready to level up? This program is for the more experienced skateboarder, learning a variety of skills throughout our skatepark. 

All sports classes included with a membership, simply schedule your class with our front desk staff

Advanced Curriculum | 32-week program

Next level. This program is for a very experienced skateboarder. Learning advanced tricks and combinations.

$119/per class

Includes individualized curriculum skill sheet

Level up wristband

Skill Evaluation

1- hour Open play

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